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I am going to talk about the topic “Should there be more emphasis on the sciences in education today?”

Last century, for better or for worse, we changed our world dramatically through scientific development
and education is the future that we make.
So the quetion can be rephrased “should we continue to rely on sciences or should we find another way.” And my answer is the former.
We should put more emphasis on scientific education.

There are many reasons supporting this claim.

Firstly, as I said, science brought us both negative and positive effects,
What first comes to my mind as a negative effect is the development of weapons for war.
Science made it possible to create a weapons that can kill innumerable people in a second.
On the other hand science has also saved a lot of lives by the medical care development. Both directly through things like medicine and new ways of performing surgery and indirectly through things like hygienics and faster ways of communication.
If I compare the negative effects with the positive effects, the positive effects outweigh the negative effects.

Secondly, we cannot come go back to the era without science even if some people want to.
We must learn how to deal with today’s science.
Without scientific education we can not use science in a proper way.
Otherwise, it would only cause chaos.

Thirdly, today’s scientific education is not good enough. We don’t pay attention to the practical side of science.
For example, in physics class I learned how much energy is released when a Uranium atom is split.
But I didn’t learn how many Uranium atoms are used in an actual atom power plant, and how much energy they produce.
Similary I learned in chemistry class about chemical reactions, but I didn’t learn where the reactions happen in my life.
Perhaps there were some examples but only a few as far as I can remember.
The knowledge I learned didn’t connect to my life, it only connected to a test score.

For these reasons, I think we should put more emphasis into scientific education; not in an armchair theoretical way but in a but practical way.

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I am going to talk about the topic “do young people today have too much leisure time?”

I interpreted the topic as being about Japanese young people. Otherwise there are too many factors involved to talk about in the short time of the test.

I personally think that young people today don’t have too much leisure time. On the contrary, they don’t have enough leisure time. Everyone needs a certain amount of leisure time in order to be happy and healthy.

In the old days we had a 6-day-a-week school schedule and young people today have a 5-day-a-week school schedule.

So some people think that young people have more leisure time than the previous generation did. But actually, many students go to cram school, therefore the total time spent studying hasn’t changed. Perhaps it has even become more.

And, generally speaking, if you want to get good job in Japan, you must get a job directly after college. If you miss that chance, only unstable positions remain open to you. And at job interviews, it’s important that you have “good” activities other than studying.

This is a reason why college students today should have some “worthy hobbies”. It’s kind of obligation. Even though it’s ridiculous.

So young people today don’t have more leisure time compared with the previous generation. Above all, Japanese people work too much, regardless of generation. We all must experience life in a foreign country that has enough leisure time.

In conclusion, young people don’t have too much leisure time. On the contrary, they don’t have enough.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

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I’m going to talk about the topic: “Can animal testing be justified?”

Before I start the speech I want to mention that I don’t like the word “be justified”, because I feel the word separates people justice and evil not only pros and cons. So I’ll only say whethere I agree or disagree with animal testing.

And I agree with it. There are many reasons supporting this claim.

Firstly, without animal testing we cannot make medical progress, or we must test new medicines on human. Needless to say, human lives are more important than animals, only a few extremists would disagree.

Secondly, although some people might hold the opinion that we have already progressed enough in medicine I do not think so.

For example, 2000 years ago people’s life expectancy was only 30. Perhaps in 100 years time people’s life expectancy could be 150 years in developed countries and in other countries it would remain unchanged. Even after hearing that information, could they still hold the same opinion?


Of course I’m aware that there are still many animals who suffer unnecessary pain. We must minimize the pain that animal are made to suffer and make regulations for the use of animals. I understand the guilty feeling of torturing animals for human profit. But if I must choose a human life over 100 animal lives, I would choose the human life. For these reasons, I agree with animal testing.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

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I am going to talk about the topic “Are printed books and newspapers destined to die out?”

I personally think that printed books and newspapers are going to shrink in their scale of distribution, but that they are not going to die out. There are some reason behind that.

Firstly, even an exponential increase of digital devices in our lives, like iPhones, iPads, Kindles and other Android tablets, and so on, will still net a minority who reads mainly through digital means.

A lot of people prefer to read through the old fashioned way, especially elderly people, who are not used to digital devices. When they were young there were no such things.

In the distant future this reason will no longer be in effect. But there is another reason why printed publication will not die out.

So I want to state a second reason.

I’ve heard that when TV first came out, many people thought the use of radio would die out. But we know radio has not died out. It still exists in our society.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages if we compare digital media with printed media. What comes up to my mind at first is that printed books don’t need a power supply.

If you use digital devices, you must know the anxiety that comes when the battery is low. Without power supply they’re completely useless.

Of course there are many advantages to digital books: we can carry 1000 books easily, it’s environmentally friendly, and they have search functions so we can find needed information in an instant.

Therefore digital publication will increase their market share, but because of reasons I stated printed books and newspapers will not die out either.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

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